Quiet No More
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Quiet No More

We’re proud to say that we work heavily with an amazing nonprofit organization called Humanity Unified that focuses on helping underserved communities to rise above poverty through education, economic opportunities, and food security projects. The first community we’ve focused on is a group of 110 women in Kigali, Rwanda, and a few weeks ago we reunited with them to examine the impact of the work and the progress of the community.

Upon returning, we found that one of the most significant trainings Humanity Unified helped organize for the community was the training on gender-based violence. Not only did it successfully educate the women on their rights and make them aware of the issues that they unknowingly faced daily, but it educated the men as well, which led to much more peaceful unions between husbands and wives, and their families as a whole.

The piece above, entitled “Quiet No More” is a short documentary film that we produced that highlights the organization’s work to address and fight these issues in the community we serve in Kigali. This piece is most special to us because the stories are told by the women themselves. It was such a powerful experience to be able to sit down with these women and speak directly to them about the difference that Humanity Unified is making in their lives.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!

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